About us

Jemal Elmore “Moe” was born and raised in the greater Chicagoland area, where he started his journey as a Sports Guru.


Jemal was heavily involved in sports from the very beginning, but in his professional life he leaned into Basketball and Billiards as a coach for AAU Basketball for 13+ years and actively involved in Billiard Leagues since 1999.


He is currently running his own pool league in the Chicagoland area, “Chicagoland TAP,” which will begin its 5th Season in 2022.


He graduated from Rich Central High School in Olympia Fields, IL. In the spring of 2010, Jemal founded and hosted “In The Zone Sports Show”, a sports & analysis talk show on Chicago's {89.9 WXXX.}


Centered on engaging overlooked and diverse topics in the sports world, 'N The Zone gained notoriety for providing a space and a platform for both "up-and-coming" as well as veteran athletes to share their stories.


Over the course of his career, “In The Zone Sports Show” has morphed from radio show to syndicated podcast now to a successful clothing brand.


What began as Jemal selling customized Billiard apparel and products in 2017 has morphed into an entire Clothing Line and Enterprise centered around the N’ The Zone brand.


Launched in January 2019 only a month after his first item was sold, N’ The Zone has grown exponentially, and you can find his designs being worn by celebrities, artists, and athletes internationally.


His passions have led him to cultivating a household brand name whose commitment to exceptional apparel is second to none, he is dedicated to representing a state of mind in which you can perform with exceptional focus, extraordinary skills and energy.


When not in the shop, you can find Jemal at the nearest Pool Hall. Jemal continues to be a great asset to the Billiard community around Chicagoland. His dedication to his players is noticeably admired. As a result, his “TAP” league continues to build at a steady rate, and appears it will continue this way for years to come.